Sustainable Cities Special Focus: 2022

Cities concentrate and amplify virtually every dimension of climate change and action. The impacts of warming climate and extreme weather are felt more acutely in cities but cities also have a greater capacity to mitigate and adapt. This Special Focus includes articles on a range of areas where cities will be the focal point for developing carbon-free and climate-resilient solutions.
Photo of commuters in Copenhagen by Leonardo Patrizi/iStock.

  1. Future settlements

    As the climate warms, and as behavior and practices shift to mitigate and adapt, what changes will there be to the nature and location of human settlements?

    Maimunah Mohd Sharif
  2. Zero-carbon, climate-resilient cities

    As the world’s urban population rises dramatically this century, the sustainability of cities will be make or break for our survival. While the scale of the challenge is huge, many cities are showing how zero-carbon, climate-resilient urban centers are possible

    Cassie Sutherland
  1. Building for climate

    The construction industry accounts for more than a third of the world’s carbon emissions. The sector must urgently ramp up new methods to slash CO2 from the construction lifecycle if we’re to achieve net zero

    Karen Scrivener
  2. Mobility without carbon

    A net-zero and inclusive mobility future for all doesn’t depend on futuristic, as-yet-unknown transport solutions. We already have the necessary tools, knowledge, and resources, but must urgently deploy them in new, transformative ways

    Alice Yiu, Christopher Dekki