About SDG Action

SDG Action was launched to support the UN’s Decade of Action – the global effort to mobilize governments, businesses, and civil society to deliver the SDGs by 2030. 

SDG Action is a resource for sustainability practitioners in all sectors and brings timely analysis of the most pressing challenges. Its emphasis is on identifying opportunities and providing tangible ways to accelerate progress. This website features articles from world-leading experts on all aspects of the SDGs and climate action.

There are two print editions, designed to provide a framework for understanding the complex interdependencies between the SDGs. They highlight priorities and dilemmas, and suggest ways to make the greatest impact, fast. The release dates for these are:

• the SDGs edition in July (for the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development)
• the Climate Action edition in November (for COP)

In addition, there are regular online, special-focus editions, timed to coincide with major global diplomacy events.

The UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) served as a founding partner, helping to launch the publication in 2021.  

Please do contact us at info@sdg-action.org if you would like to share feedback and ideas or would like to be involved.

About Witan Media

Witan Media is a specialist publisher that focuses on areas of change that have a fundamental impact on lives globally: our primary interest is sustainable development. We have worked on UN-related issues since 2012 and published the Sustainable Development Goals and Climate 2020 series with UNA-UK, and Climate Change Strategies with CTCN. We aim to deliver information that is not readily available through regular media channels and to stimulate change that is informed and for the better.

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