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SDG Action was launched in 2021 by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) to support the UN’s Decade of Action. Its aim is to encourage cross-sector dialogue and problem solving to accelerate the transition to sustainability.

Accelerating action on gender equality


Gender equality is critical to realizing all the SDGs, yet progress remains unacceptably slow. Humanity’s future demands that we urgently fix the multitudinous factors blocking women and girls from achieving their potential

Poverty is not gender-neutral

As with most threats to well-being, poverty has an accentuated impact on women. Tackling this requires integrated action on several fronts to address the systemic inequalities women face across the world today

Ginette Azcona, Antra Bhatt
  1. Tackling online violence against women

    Digital platforms offer powerful spaces for female voices. But online violence and abuse against women have also grown massively, and will only worsen without urgent action

    Ingrid Beck
  2. Toward women’s economic empowerment in MENA

    While tentative steps are being made across the region, reforms must go further and faster – from improving maternity provision to training more women in jobs traditionally reserved for men

    Valentine M. Moghadam
  3. Women’s participation in law

    The legal profession remains stubbornly male-dominated, with women lawyers often facing discrimination, disempowerment, and abuse. It needs urgent reform, led by women, if it’s to equitably serve all citizens for whom it seeks to provide justice

    Melissa Upreti
  4. A level field for jobs: achieving gender equality in the workplace

    Jurisdictions that on the face of it have rigorous anti-discrimination legislation still consistently fail to pay women fairly or have fair representation at senior levels. Fixing this calls for transformative action on several fronts – from challenging entrenched social norms to game-changing investments in social protection

    Chidi King

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Climate action in cities

The impacts of warming climate and extreme weather are felt more acutely in cities but cities also have a greater capacity to mitigate and adapt. Cities will be the focal point for developing carbon-free and climate-resilient solutions.

  • Future settlements

    As the climate warms, and as behavior and practices shift to mitigate and adapt, what changes will there be to the nature and location of human settlements?

    Maimunah Mohd Sharif
  • Zero-carbon, climate-resilient cities

    As the world’s urban population rises dramatically this century, the sustainability of cities will be make or break for our survival. While the scale of the challenge is huge, many cities are showing how zero-carbon, climate-resilient urban centers are possible

    Cassie Sutherland
  • Building for climate

    The construction industry accounts for more than a third of the world’s carbon emissions. The sector must urgently ramp up new methods to slash CO2 from the construction lifecycle if we’re to achieve net zero

    Karen Scrivener

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