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SDG Action was launched in 2021 by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) to support the UN’s Decade of Action. Its aim is to encourage cross-sector dialogue and problem solving to accelerate the transition to sustainability.

Today is the day


A global consensus on the scale of the climate crisis is emerging. Governments are starting to make the right noises. But we lack and need action, now

Less is more: plugging the climate financing gap

Funding for polluting projects remains alarmingly high. We need to urgently switch this finance toward sustainable projects. The relatively cheap cost of action now compared with the economic disaster of inaction is a math “no brainer” – and the time to act is now

Vanessa Fajans-Turner

Accelerating change for 1.5°C

Leaders across government, civil society, and the private sector must support the rapid, exponential growth of low and zero-emissions technologies if the world is to achieve the Paris goals

Sophie Boehm, Joel Jaeger, Hanna Fekete, Ryan Wilson, Katie Lebling, Kelly Levin
  1. Knowledge can set us free

    The world economy is unjust and selfish. Its flaws are stifling effective climate action. We must empower the next generation to shape the future, unencumbered by the distorted priorities that currently prevail

    Jeffrey D. Sachs
  2. Supporting all countries in the Paris Agreement

    All countries need to work towards the Paris Agreement, but for developing countries this can present technological and logistical challenges. How can international partnerships help all countries contribute to and benefit from this common cause?

    Robert Bradley
  3. On the brink of the abyss

    As the UN Secretary-General warns, humanity is facing a cascade of crises. COP26 will be the moment of truth for climate and all countries must step up

    Miguel Ruiz Cabañas Izquierdo

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Data and science-led climate action

The response to climate change needs to be based on science and accurate, timely data. In most cases, the data is available. A greater challenge is ensuring that the right people have it and know how to use it.

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