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SDG Action was launched in 2021 by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) to support the UN’s Decade of Action. Its aim is to encourage cross-sector dialogue and problem solving to accelerate the transition to sustainability.

The world cannot wait


COP27 is the “number one litmus test” of how seriously the world takes the toll on countries that suffer most from climate change, according to the UN Secretary-General. November’s summit must finally make good on promises to deliver climate action that ensures a sustainable future for all

Climate-proofing to sustain peace

Vulnerability to climate change is higher in many places suffering war, yet peacebuilding efforts often fail to consider climate impacts. In a warming world, where conflict and crisis persist, ensuring that efforts to sustain peace also support climate action must be a top priority

Catherine Wong

Trade’s role in climate action

International trade can play a vital role in tackling climate change and achieving sustainable development. But it calls on governments to set aside national interests and open up access to environmental goods, services, and technologies for all countries

Lucie Qian Xia
  1. Ideas into action

    At this mid-point to the 2030 deadline, it’s clear that action must ramp up massively if the SDGs are to be realized and climate catastrophe averted. Initiatives such as the UN SDSN Global Climate Hub can help get governments back on track

    Phoebe Koundouri, Ebun Akinsete
  2. Walking the path ahead

    Humanity should survive the decades to come, but will it thrive? A lot depends on how many costs our leaders are willing to pay up front, and how many they will wait to have inflicted upon them

    Fred Carver
  3. How to curb negative international spillovers?

    Rich countries show no signs of decoupling their economies from the harmful environmental and social impacts they generate abroad. This must urgently change if we’re to achieve the SDGs and limit temperature rise, but requires bold international action

    Guillaume Lafortune, Eamon Thomas Drumm

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Climate action in cities

The impacts of warming climate and extreme weather are felt more acutely in cities but cities also have a greater capacity to mitigate and adapt. Cities will be the focal point for developing carbon-free and climate-resilient solutions.

  • Future settlements

    As the climate warms, and as behavior and practices shift to mitigate and adapt, what changes will there be to the nature and location of human settlements?

    Maimunah Mohd Sharif
  • Zero-carbon, climate-resilient cities

    As the world’s urban population rises dramatically this century, the sustainability of cities will be make or break for our survival. While the scale of the challenge is huge, many cities are showing how zero-carbon, climate-resilient urban centers are possible

    Cassie Sutherland
  • Building for climate

    The construction industry accounts for more than a third of the world’s carbon emissions. The sector must urgently ramp up new methods to slash CO2 from the construction lifecycle if we’re to achieve net zero

    Karen Scrivener

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