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  1. A new trustee for the global commons

    27 years after its operations were suspended, a reimagined UN Trusteeship Council could find new purpose as a force for action on climate change

    Ramu Damodaran
  2. Remaking capitalism for a sustainable future

    Capitalism and sustainability are on a collision course, one that threatens to destroy both the market system and the planet. To head off the impending crash, we must end environmental externalities and make polluters pay for the harm they cause. Standardizing corporate ESG reporting offers a path toward clarity on the environmental harms that need to be addressed

    Daniel C. Esty

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Data and science-led climate action

The response to climate change needs to be based on science and accurate, timely data. In most cases, the data is available. A greater challenge is ensuring that the right people have it and know how to use it.

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